Sustainable Tuesday

Hi dear Wiezewasser,

Today, the 6th of September, it’s 'Sustainable Tuesday'. We would like to have some attention for this important topic! We want to take you with us on the road that we have been walking (for a number of years) to make Wiezewasjes more sustainable. We took some important steps that we would like to share with you through this blog.

From gold plated to 14 carat gold

We think sustainability is very important and that is why we have made the choice to switch from gold-plated products to 14 carat gold products. Our gold plated products have been a favorite for years and we get that. Bringing this news therefore also has two sides. On one hand it will disappoint some of you, but on the other hand it is an incredibly big step towards a sustainable world! In recent years it has become clear to us that the labor process and the final product are not sustainable. That doesn't feel right and we don't want to encourage that as a company.

We haven't been making new gold plated jewelry for a year now – we are busy expanding our 14 carat gold collection! At the beginning of 2023 we will have very exciting news about this. It is still in its infancy, but it makes us very happy! What do you think of a beautiful 14 carat gold jewelry collection that is just as large as the current 925 silver jewelry collection? We can't wait!

Goodbye Black Friday

With our eyes on sustainability and mental health, we also took a close look at Black Friday. Every year we worked towards this big promotion for months. Preparations started in the summer, in November it took place, and the last tasks related to Black Friday were completed in February. It was fun, but most of all tough. Over the weekend of Black Friday, so many orders came in that it started to take too much toll on the entire team.

In addition, Black Friday causes overconsumption, which has a major impact on our planet, such as depletion of our natural resources, pollution and unnecessary CO2 emissions from shipping (and possibly also returning) products.

This year we have therefore made the choice to say goodbye to Black Friday. But don't worry, we will still occasionally carry out some smaller actions spread over the entire year. In this way it is manageable, we can make good preparations and it is less intensive for our team. Because if our team is happy, we can make you happy too!

We hope to have provided an insight into our plans and our vision about the choices towards a sustainable world!


Wieske and Team Wiezewasjes

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