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  • bullet-starMaterial: Gold Plated
  • bullet-starCut: Facet
  • bullet-starGemstone: Garnet
  • bullet-starOuter diameter: 10 mm
  • bullet-starInner diameter: 9 mm
  • bullet-starZodiac signs: Aries & Scorpio
  • bullet-starBe careful with water and other liquids because of wear and tear!

Garnet encourages willpower, positivity, courage, and passion. The stone can provide support in times of crisis. Do you want to know more about Garnet? Read everything you want to know about Garnet on this page.

Garnet belongs to the Aries & Scorpio zodiac signs. Learn more about what stones match which zodiac signs!

Unless otherwise stated, all of our jewellery is made of 925 sterling silver - including our gold plated pieces!

Wiezewasjes integrates real gemstones into its jewellery. As gemstones are a product of nature, no two stones are exactly alike. This means that the product you receive is completely unique and may differ slightly in colour or shape from the product in the photograph.

Our gold plated jewellery is made of 925 sterling silver covered with a layer of gold. To ensure that the gold layer remains intact, it is essential to be careful with water and other liquids (e.g. perfume, crèmes, sweat, etc.). If the gold layer ends up fading over time, it will reveal a beautiful silver piece of jewellery! There is no warranty on the discolouring of gold plated products.

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