Ring Size Tool

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Yes, at last! A tool that makes it easy and convenient to measure your ring size at home! And of course those of your sister, dad, and neighbour!

Beware! The ring sizer runs from size 12 until about size 24. To make things easier, we work with quarter sizes. As you can see, sizes on the ring sizer are slightly different. Are you having doubts about your size? Shoot us an e-mail at klantenservice@wiezewasjes.nl, and we will be there to help you out!

Make sure the ring sizer isn’t too loose, but also not as snug as to create difficulties when taking it off your finger. Try measuring your size in the morning and the evening, and try it a couple of days in a row, just to be absolutely sure you have the right size! For rings that are a little thicker than the ring sizer, it’s best to go up a (quarter of half) size. For very slim rings, it might be wise to opt for a (quarter or half) size smaller than your usual size. And be sure to share! The ring size tool comes with multiple cards so you can write down the ring sizes of your entire family! ✨

Unless otherwise stated, all of our jewellery is made of 925 sterling silver

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