If you have spent some time on or website, or in one of our stores, you have probably heard or seen us talk about the Blue House Project. The Blue House Project is a non-profit organisation we collaborate with. But what is this project exactly about, and how can you help support?

The Blue House Project (previously Sona Pushkar-project) is a non-profit organisation founded to improve the lives of people in Pushkar (Rajasthan - India) that are left out of society. The project was founded in 2016 by then-21-year-old Jaira Sona Chin, a law and international studies student from Amsterdam.

who are we helping?

The group of people, mainly consisting of families, has no income, shelter, and only limited access to primary needs like food. Most people live in tents they made themselves. The children spend their days begging in the streets and do not get an education. The Blue House Project aims to help these families by focussing on education, employment opportunities, and housing. The actual ‘Blue House’ was opened in 2018 and consists of an education centre for the children and an employment centre for their parents.

Thanks to the sponsors, 20 children have already been enrolled in a partnering school in Pushkar. After school, the children are welcome for tutoring, to do homework, have a meal, or play games at the Blue House. The families receive monthly food packages and occasionally clothing, medical care, waterproof tents, stoves, water tanks, and rented apartments. Thanks to this project, children and teenagers get the chance to develop themselves, discover their talents, and gain the skills to get a job once they reach adulthood. But for now, the most important thing is that they get to be kids again.

the products

When Jaira reached out, we were instant fans! With your help, we can help even more children! How? That is pretty easy and also pretty pretty! Because we sell a line of beautiful Blue House Project products produced through this project in India. The profit made of these products is donated entirely to the Blue House Project. The product line consists of beautiful, often unique jewellery and accessories. The more you buy, the more we donate! Children happy, you as happy as a child with your new jewellery!

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Would you like to find out more? The Blue House Project is really active on Instagram en Facebook, we would definitely recommend to check out their page!

With love from our team,