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Disclaimer: The effects of gemstones are not proven and can differ from person to person; everyone can experience the effects of gemstones differently. This is why we always recommend you to go see a doctor in case of any health issues!


Agate was first found in the Dirillo River in Italy. Another name for the Dirillo River is the Achates River. You can probably guess how this gemstone got its name.

Today the largest agate sites are in Brazil, Uruguay and the United States. Agate grows when underground water with high concentrations of _silica_ seeps into rock cavities. When the water is still, the dissolved silica turns into silica gel. Over time, this silica gel crystallizes and then it becomes agate. Agate has a pretty good hardness between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale. The rings or bands you see a lot in agate, is because the   composition of the substances are changing so much. The whole process ensures that there are many different variants of agate, with many different colors. And pay attention! Because sometimes these gemstones are painted in fake colors!

Agate can bring peace and stability. The stone represents concentration and stimulating spiritual growth.

Agate belongs to the constellations of Taurus and Gemini. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here! 

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Amazonite is a bright green-blue variety of microcline. Microkline is an important clotting mineral that contains small amounts of sodium and grows in small prism shapes. The gray-ish or colorless microcline is often used for making porcelain. The bright blue color is due to high temperatures and the enclosed lead particles. Amazonite has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

The name Amazonite comes from the Amazon River. However, this gemstone has never been found in the Amazon region. The Spanish explorers who gave the Amazonite her name confused the it with another green mineral from that region. So the name Amazonite rests on a mistake! Today, this gemstone is mainly mined in Madagascar, Myanmar and Peru.

Spiritually, Amazonite is seen as the stone of balance and protection. In addition, the stone would have good effect on mood swings.

Amazonite belongs to the zodiac signs Virgo and Aquarius. Read here more about which gems belong to zodiac signs! 

NB! Amazonite should not come into contact with water too much.

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Amethyst, who doesn't know this beautiful purple gemstome? It's one of our absolute favorites within team Wiezewasjes!

This purple beauty owes its color because it contains traces of iron and aluminium. Amethyst is a variant of the quartz family and has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. The gemstone owes its name to the girl Amethysta from the Greek mythology. Amethyst often grows in geodes - these are cavities inside of rocks that fill with mineral-rich water over time. In this water the crystals that we know as amethyst will slowly grow!

In addition to the purple amethyst, the chevron amethyst is a common variant. This amethyst quartz consists of zigzagging layers of amethyst alternated with layers of white quartz. Amethyst is found all over the world. The most important sites are in Uruguay and Brazil.

By heating amethyst between 300 and 400 degrees, it loses its purple color and turns brown / yellow to orange. We then call it heated amethyst or burnt amethyst. It is sometimes mistakenly sold as citrine. Even though citrine is a lot scarcer and therefore more expensive.

On a spiritual level, amethyst is known to be protective and purifying. The gemstone is said to promote self knowledge and helps you to be honest with yourself. If you have trouble sleeping or often suffer from headaches, wearing amethyst could help.

Amethyst is associated with the zodiac signs Virgo and Pisces. Read more on which gemstones match which zodiac signs on this page!

Amethyst may discolour when exposed to (bright) sunlight.

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Apatite is a big softie with a hardness (or in this case we better speak of softness) of 5 on the Mohs scale, so not for heavy-handed use. This beauty belongs to the phosphates and is actually a mineral group consisting of chlorapatite, fluorapatite, and hydroxapatite. The most common of these is fluorapatite. Apatite comes in almost all colours, and some stones can have a special cat-eye effect! We sell blue apatite, which was often confused with other minerals in the past, giving it the name apatite. This name is derived from the Greek term for deceive: apatein.  

Apatite is a great stone to carry with you on a daily basis. It represents confidence and success. The stone is also said to support social capacity by acting as a shield against anger and fear. Say bye-bye social anxiety! Finally, one last fact about apatite: did you know there were traces of apatite in the stones collected during the moon landing ?! Move over moonstone! So are you looking for a partner on a daily basis who also has a connection with the moon? Apatite is ready for you! 

Apatite is found all over the world.

angel aura quartz

Angel aura quartz is a clear quartz treated with silver and platinum. This unites the symbolism of the three materials and represents a peaceful and satisfying feeling. It symbolizes spiritual insights and knowledge and finding your spiritual purpose. Angel aura quartz is worn by some as a powerful cleanser of body, mind, and spirit. It could help to detach from negative entities and connections. This lovely and calming stone is also said to reduce stress, tension, and worries.

Angel aura quartz is best kept from bright sunlight.

aqua aura quartz

Aqua aura quartz is a clear quartz treated with gold. It represents protection, healing, and the aura. Aqua aura quartz is said to protect against negative energy and influences. The stone symbolizes self-fulfilment by strengthening your inner potential and reducing obstructions. Aqua aura quartz is the stone of communication and self-expression.

Aqua aura quartz is best kept from bright sunlight.


Aquamarine! The somewhat overpowered, but quite precious, little brother of emerald! Both are variations of the mineral beryl: emerald is green and aquamarine is known for its beautiful, clear blue tones. The name aquamarine therefore comes from the Latin term for sea water: aqua marina. Myths claim that this was a mermaid's stone and that carrying this stone with you would lead to love. Aquamarine was also used as a talisman during sea travels. It was thought to protect against drowning and seasickness. The Greek and Romans saw aquamarine as a symbol of clarity, purity and marital fidelity. This beauty has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale and can therefore take a beating! This gemstone is mainly mined in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, but also in Mozambique, Madagascar and India. Spiritually, aquamarine is associated with relaxation, awareness, wisdom and intuition. Aquamarine stands for peace and tranquility in turbulent times. It's associated with Virgin Mary. Aquamarijn would give insights into difficult situations. Aquamarine belongs to the zodiac signs Gemini, Libra, Aries and Pisces. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here!

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Aragonite is the skeleton of several marine organisms and comes in various forms and colours. From white to grey, reddish star clusters, yellow-green, and even blue. Blue and Red Agaonite are most popular.

We at Wiezewasjes Love the Aragonite star clusters! The Aragonite star clusters are associated with renewed (emotional) strength, confidence, and maintaining centred and serene in trying circumstances. Aragonite is said to help discharge subconscious held tension and release emotional drama or ego investment relating to past wounds. The perceived soothing, energizing, clearing, cleansing, and balancing properties of Aragonite could be helpful contributors to emotional growth.

Other well-known varieties are Blue Aragonite and Spanish Aragonite.

Aragonite is found in Italy, Greece, Austria, England, Czech Republic, Mexico, Peru, Pakistan, and the USA.


Aventurine is a green, orange, red, blue or yellow type of quartz with a special shimmer. This shimmer is called aventurization and is due to the chromium particles in the gemstone. Aventurine is created when quartz melts and recrystallizes, absorbing or entrapping particles of other minerals.

The name aventurine is derived from the Italian 'a ventura' which means prosperity, happiness and coincidence. The gemstone has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. The two main sites for aventurine are Austria and India.

Aventurine is seen as the stone of well-being. It is often worn to soothe and protect. The stone represents prosperity, happiness, creativity and making your dreams come true.

Aventurine is associated with the zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Read more on which gemstones match which zodiac signs on this page!

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clear quartz

Another one from the large quartz family! The rock crystal. This clear or white gemstone has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. The Romans thought that quartz was petrified ice, because it was mainly found in glaciers. We now know that this is a myth. Rock crystal is found in almost all continents!

Rock crystal is a silicondioxide. The cells of our tissue also contain silicon, and so do our hair, skin, bones and teeth! Quartz is one of the most common minerals. In its pure form rock crystal is colorless, but in reaction to other elements and substances the color can change.

In the far East rock crystals where considered as a stone of patience and perfection. Tibetans use(d) rock crystal to treat wounds. In the spiritual field, rock crystal is seen as one of the most developed gemstones. One of its most important quality is to enhance positive energy and that it would promote concentration. Because rock crystal is so versatile and fairly neutral, it can be worn in combination with other stones.

Rock crystal belongs to the zodiac signs Capricorn and Leo. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here!

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A carnelian is an orange-red variant of Chalcedony. It can be translucent to milky. In some cases, parts of the stone are lighter than others. A carnelian with a pale center that gradually fades into a dark-colored exterior is not uncommon. In bright light, stripes appear in different colors! A natural carnelian shows a cloudy color distribution. On the Mohs scale, it has a hardness between 6.5 and 7. Carnelian is named after the cornel-cherry because of its color.

Spiritually, a carnelian stands for grounding, stabilization, vitality and motivation. It symbolizes strength, energy and perseverance. They say it's a protector against negative energy from other people.

Carnelian belongs to the constellations Aries, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here!

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Calcite represents calmness, union and tranquillity. The stone is said to activate and stimulate physical-, mental-, and spiritual growth and development. People wear calcite for motivation, confidence, decisiveness, and fortitude. Calcite also represents faith and courage. Calcite occurs in a wide variety of forms and colours. This gentle gemstone is known for its cleansing, refreshing, and revitalizing influence. It is said to help open blockages and move beyond past patterns. Calcite can bring the feeling of viewing the world with new eyes and seeing the joy in all aspects of life!

Calcite is found on every continent; however, Mexico and the USA are its most important finding places.

Beware of water and other liquids around Calcite! Due to its porous structure, Calcite may dissolve when coming into contact with water.

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Celestine represents spiritual development and clairvoyance. This stone symbolises prosperity, luck and relying on your own intuition. Celestine is said to improve creativity and calmness and, therefore, be worn by those who speak in public.

Celestine can discolour due to exposure to (bright) sunlight and is best kept away from water.


OK y’all, listen up and do it well, we staan op het punt je in te wijden in de dieper intriges van de chalcedoon en geloof ons: soap opera’s zijn er niks bij vergeleken. 😱  Chalcedoon is lid van de zeer uitgebreide kwartsfamilie en heeft dan ook een hardheid van 6-7 op de schaal van Mohs. Het heeft zijn naam te danken aan de stad Chalcedon in het vroegere Asia Minor, wat nu de Istanbul-regio in Turkije is. Onbewerkte chalcedoon is te herkennen aan zijn witgrijze tot lichtblauwe semi-transparante lagen. Onbewerkt? Yes indeed, houdt dit nog even in gedachten, hier komen we later op terug!

Last van onbeheersbare emoties die de pan uit rijzen? Chalcedoon is je steen! Chalcedoon wordt gezien als de steen van de communicatie en evenwichtige emoties. Daarnaast ondersteunt het creatieve uitingen en zorgt het ervoor dat je jezelf kan blijven.

Chalcedoon heeft een aantal broers en zussen die grotendeels dezelfde fysieke eigenschappen hebben maar die door natuurlijke omstandigheden tijdens het ontstaan een andere kleur hebben gekregen. Dit zijn onder andere onyx (zwart-wit), carneool (oranje-rood-wit), sardonyx/sard/sarder (vergelijkbaar met maar donkerder dan carneool) en chrysopraas (appelgroen). Daarnaast staan ook de bekende agaat en jaspis vrij dicht bij chalcedoon (de kwartsfamilie is nou eenmaal vrij hecht 😜).

Still following? We komen nu namelijk bij het bewerkt/onbewerkt gedeelte: men is al erg lang gefascineerd door mineralen en as one does proberen we ook al erg lang om mineralen nog mooier te maken. In mooie vormen slijpen, poetsen, insmeren, verhitten, kleuren en zelfs mineralen op elkaar plakken om zo nieuwe edelstenen te vormen. Chalcedoon bleek uitermate geschikt te zijn om te kleuren. Anders dan bij andere gekleurde edelstenen (waar de kleur met alcohol, water of aceton makkelijk te wissen is) verandert de aangebrachte kleur bij chalcedoon niet of nauwelijks (believe me, ik heb zojuist een halfuur met nagellakremover over een gekleurde chalcedoon gewreven en er is niks veranderd)! Dit heeft ertoe geleid dat er vandaag de dag een hele reeks aan prachtig gekleurde chalcedonen op de markt te vinden is onder verschillende namen:

Aqua chalcedoon (semi-transparant turkoois)
Blauwe chalcedoon (semi-transparant blauw)
Roze chalcedoon (semi-transparant lichtroze)
Gele onyx (semi-transparant geel)
Groene onyx (semi-transparant fles-groen)
Zwarte onyx (ondoorzichtig zwart)
Rode onyx (semi-transparant oranje-rood) 

Van deze gekleurde chalcedonen kunnen vooral de zwarte en rode onyx voor een hoop verwarring zorgen. De zwarte onyx vanwege zijn overeenkomende naam met de “echte” onyx. Mag een zwart gekleurde chalcedoon dan wel onyx genoemd worden? Jep, indien er zwart of black voor staat is het algemeen geaccepteerd en kan je ervan uitgaan dat het dus om een gekleurde chalcedoon gaat. De rode onyx is makkelijk te verwarren met “echte” carneool en wordt helaas ook veel aangeboden op de markt onder deze naam, dit komt mede doordat carneool voor het gemak ook wel rode onyx genoemd wordt #babylonischespraakverwarring. Tip om de stenen uit elkaar te halen: de gekleurde chalcedonen zijn vaak helemaal effen van kleur terwijl de “echte” stenen meer kleurverschil en structuur hebben. Dit is goed te zien als je er met tegenlicht doorheen kijkt.

Chalcedoon wordt onder andere in Brazilië, Madagaskar, Uruguay, India, de VS, Groot-Brittannië en Namibië gevonden.

Chalcedoon hoort bij de sterrenbeelden Kreeft, Boogschutter en Tweelingen. Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen! 


Chalcopyrite symbolises the truth and is said to increase our cognition and insight. This stone is said to boosts intuition and can help you contact your inner source of power. The stone represents abundance and prosperity. Chalcopyrite is also worn as an aid during meditation and breaking energetic blockage.

It is best not to expose Chalcopyrite to water.


Chrysocolla is the stone of (inner) balance. People wear it when their energy levels are low, and they have a sluggish feeling. When you are nervous or tense, Chrysocolla is also an excellent stone to wear as this stone is said to help diminish feelings of guilt and sadness. The stone symbolizes self-reflection, stimulates a neutral and open attitude, and surfaces the truth. It represents clarity of the mind, creativity, and communication. Chrysocolla is known for its cleansing and activating properties.

Chrysocolla is associated with the zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo and Aquarius. Read more on which gemstones match which zodiac signs on this page!

It is best not to expose Chrysocolla to water.

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Chrysoprase is a green Chalcedony that derives its name from the Greek words for “golden apple” or “golden leek”. Chrysoprase is a stone of the heart and said to encourage growth and forgiveness. This gem could be a great companion during times of heartbreak. This stone might help look back on relationships that ended badly with a sense of compassion and forgiveness and help overcome bitterness and disappointment. Chrysoprase is said to give strength to the heart, healing feelings of separation and isolation and preparing the heart to be hopeful and open to new relationships. Thank you, next! 

Chrysoprase is mainly found in Australia and therefore nicknamed ‘Australian Jade’. Furthermore, the stone is found in Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, and Russia.


Citrine is the sunray of gemology! This beautiful gemstone belongs to the quartz family and has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. Citrine can be recognized by its transparent lemon-yellow to orange-brown color, due to the aluminum particles.

Citrine is named after citrus (you can probably guess why) and is therefore also known as lemon quartz. Citrine is very close in structure and formation to its fellow quartz amethyst and smoky quartz. There are also intergrowths between smoky quartz and citrine called smokey citrine.

There is some dispute about when the gemstone may or may not be called citrine. 'Real' citrine is pretty rare. In fact, in scientific circles it is said that if you didn't see the citrine coming out of the mine in its true color yellow, you can assume that it's a burnt amethyst. 

When amethyst is heated above 300 degrees, it gets a yellow color. If it is heated above 550 degrees, the amethyst can even get a dark yellow color! Can these heated amethysts bear the name citrine? Yes, officially these can be called citrine - but only if there is open communication about this process!

Citrine is one of the most positive gemstones. It stands for relaxation, extroversion and positivity. It symbolizes the sun and warmth. Within the spiritual side of gemology, opinions are strongly divided about whether a burnt amethyst can be attributed the same energy as a natural citrine. One says that a burnt amethyst loses its amethyst energy and acquires those of a 'real' citrine. Another one thinks that a burnt amethyst would have the same energy but a little weaker than a 'real' citrine. Another popular opinion is that a burnt amethyst has combination of energetic powers, both from the citrin and the amethyst. We believe that a gemstone mainly carries the value that we attach to it ourselves. So, we leave it up to you! 

Citrine belongs to the constellations Gemini and Leo. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here!

NB! Citrine can lose its yellow color with sunlight.

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‘...breathe in… breathe out…’ The rumbling sea, a babbling brook.. It’s the weekend or a holiday, or no, it’s… Dumorierite! This blue beauty belongs to the nesosilicates, is pretty rare, and pretty amaaaaazing! This gemstone was named after the French palaeontologist Eugene Dumortier, who discovered the mineral near his home. The stone is also found captured in quartz, this variation is called dumorierite quartz. Dumortierite is known for its opaque blue colour and can look a lot like lapis lazuli or sodalite. It is, therefore, not uncommon for these stones to get confused. However, with a density of 7-8,5 on the Mohs scale, dumorierite is a whole lot tougher! Dumorierite is known to turn white when heated and is, therefore, often used in ceramics!

Did you know that dumorierite was referred to in Africa as ‘water turned to stone’? For some magical and mysterious reason, this gemstone was always found near water! And just like water, the dumorierite is said to have a cooling and calming effect on its wearer. Dumorierite symbolises harmony and patience. It is the stone for all people that could use some rest and relaxation.

Amongst others, dumorierite is found in Europe, the US, South-Africa, and Brazil.


Epidote can range from a yellow-green to deep, dark green or even black colour. This gemstone stands for insight, confidence, and patience. This stone is said to help you take a realistic look at yourself, the situation you find yourself in, and your capabilities. This stone tends to work as a magnifying mirror, so you better be ready to get very real with yourself. Epidote is said to attract what one emanates, giving you a taste of your own medicine, so to speak (whether this is positive or negative). It could help release negativity and embrace new positive patterns, increasing hope for the future and the willingness to pursue one’s dreams. Epidote is a great reminder that what you reap is what you sow. 

Epidote is found in Austria, Pakistan, Mexico, Norway, Mozambique, and the USA.


Fluorite represents confidence and structure. It symbolises protection and stability. Fluorite is a great stone to wear when you are studying. It supposedly boosts your concentration levels, helps you to process information quickly and helps to see connections.

Fluorite is associated with the zodiac signs Aquarius and Pisces. Read more on which gemstones match which zodiac signs on this page!

Fluorite can discolour when exposed to sunlight and it best kept from exposure to water.


Welcome to the exceptional, somewhat confusing world of garnets. Let's get straight to the point. Because we want to eliminate a major misconception: garnet is not one type of gemstone. Garnet is the name of a mineral group that belongs to the nesosilicates, which are gemstones with a hardness between 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale! Garnets come in many different colors and sizes, transparent and non-transparent. The most famous garnets can be divided into two groups:

Pyralspiet: pyrope, almandine and spessartite
Ugrandite: uvarorite, grossular and andradite

We now focus on the beloved, clear, red gemstones that we are selling as garnets on our website - the pyrope! These gemstones have a wine red color or a bright red color. Pyropes are also sometimes sold under misleading names such as: Cape ruby, Californian ruby, Arizona ruby ​​or the Rocky Mountain ruby. They can look very similar, but beware: garnets are definitely not rubies! Garnets are mined all over the world.

Also, there are several interesting theories and myths about the origin of garnets. The first myth is that they were harvested by _mountain spirits_. During the harvesting of the garnet, there has to be an offer to the mountain spirits in order to be completed. In the second myth, according to Hildegard von Bingen, garnets would arise from a lunar eclipse during ominous times. Perhaps that is why this stone is so good in times of crisis! Garnets are said to support willpower, survival instinct, positivity, courage and passion. And the name garnet? It is inspired by the pomegranate, because of the beautiful red color!

Garnet belongs to the zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Scorpio. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here!

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Hematite has protective and grounding properties. This stone represents harmony and boosts confidence and self-respect. Hematite could strengthen your will to survive and increase willpower. This stone is often worn during exams as the it is thought to boost concentration levels and improve memory.

Make sure your Hematite is not exposed to water.

hematoiet kwarts

Hematoiet kwarts bestaat uit Bergkristal met Hematiet. Door het rood-roze uiterlijk, wordt het ook wel de Red Healer genoemd. De naam Hema, is afgeleid van het oude Griekse woord ‘Aima’, wat bloed betekent. Hematoiet kwarts heeft een hardheid van 7 op de schaal van Mohs. Hij wordt voornamelijk gewonnen in Madagaskar.

Hematoiet staat spiritueel gezien voor aardend, beschermend en wilskracht.

Hematoiet hoort bij de sterrenbeelden Ram en Waterman. Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen!


Meet mega babe Howlite! This darling has a density of 3-3.5 on the Mohs scale and belongs to the Borat minerals. Howlite is named after the Canadian mineralogist/geologist/chemist Henry How, who discovered the stone in 1868 on Nova Scotia. 🍁 This Canadian beauty can be recognised by its marble-ish white colour and black veins. Howlite is very porous, which makes it very suitable for durable colouring, just like the chalcedony. Turquoise coloured howlite is super pretty and is officially called Turquenite; we have noticed that turquenite is often sold under the name turquoise. The real turquoise stone is much rarer and more expensive, so pay attention when purchasing this precious gemstone!

Howlite is an incredibly zen stone as it might help with relaxing and grounding. It supports tolerance and helps you relax in times of stress. Insomnia has no chance when howlite is around, and headaches might disappear before you know it! So, grab the nearest yoga mat, Namaste, and have a howlite day!

Amongst others, howlite is found in the United States and Canada.

Howlite is associated with the zodiac sign Libra. Read more on which gemstones match which zodiac signs on this page!


Iolite gets its name from the Greek word 'ios', which means purple. But besides purple, iolite has been found in many different colors, such as blue, gray, violet, blue-purple or yellowish-brown. Iolite is the transparent variant of the gemstone Cordirie. This gemstone is found all over the world and has a hardness of 7.75 on the Mohs scale.

Iolite is known for its trichroism. This is the phenomenon that a crystal can show three different colors at the same time, when you look at it from a certain angle!

Spiritually, this stone stands for new insights and knowledge and can motivate independence and responsibility. It is a stone with a hardness of 7.75 on the Mohs scale.

Iolite belongs to the constellations of Taurus, Libra and Sagittarius. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here!

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Jade is the stone of prosperity and wealth. Wearing the stone can attract luck and is said to help let go of negative emotions and annoyances. Jade also stimulates coming up with new ideas and acting on them. The stone improves love, care, and tolerance and is sometimes carried for extra protection during a trip or vacation.

Jade is associated with the zodiac sign Libra. Read more on which gemstones match which zodiac signs on this page!

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Jasper  holds grounding and protective properties. The stone can help you reach your goals and put your ideas into action. It can make you competitive, decisive, persistent, determined and, therefore, help you go all-in! Because of jasper’s strong properties, it can help you stand up for yourself, give you courage, make you resilient and assertive, and lower your fear of conflicts. The stone represents sincerity, honesty, helpfulness. Jasper is said to help balance the body, mind, and soul. The stone is thought to boost organisational skills, quick thinking, and fantasy. Jasper is worn to make letting go of negative energy easier.

Jasper is associated with the zodiac signs Aries, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn. Read more on which gemstones match which zodiac signs on this page!

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the cyanide


Pure kyanite is colorless in itself, but due to an interaction between iron and titanium, we see kyanite as the color blue. Another unique aspect is the double hardness. Almost all gemstones have only one hardness, whichever side you test from. But kyanite is harder in width than in length. Mind-blowing, right?

On the Mohs scale, it can score between 5.5 and 7 (depending on which side you're testing from). Kyanite stands out for its beautiful shine and its built-up structure.

Spiritually, the stone represents strength, new insights and can help you find the right course.

Kyanite belongs to the constellations Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here!

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Is there a more beloved gem than labradorite? It's one of our favorites fur sure! This feldspar with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale got's his name from the Labrador Peninsula island in Canada where it was first found. Labradorite is known for its beautiful gray rainbow shine (called labradorescense or Schiller effect). The colors from this magnificent shine can get blue and green and sometimes even gold! According to an ancient myth from the people of Labrador, part of the Northern Lights were caught in the beautiful blue-green glow of labradorite.

Did you know that the white variety of labradorite is called rainbow moonstone? Confusing? We explain it under the heading rainbow moonstone on this page!

Labradorite is the stone for all artists and great thinkers among us who need a little inspiration every now and then! The stone is often worn to protect against negative influences. Labradorite is said to stimulate self-confidence and perseverance. This gemstone belongs to the zodiac signs Leo and Sagittarius. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here!

Labradorite is found in Canada, Australia, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, the US and Finland, among others.

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Larimar is a very unique volcanic gemstone. This gemstone is a pectolite variety, and while pectolite is found in almost every hemisphere, none of them has the unique color of the larimar. Larimar is only mined in one place in the world, namely in the Dominican Republic. But did you know that there are rumors that the stone can only be found at the place where Atlantis sank? 

This gemstone can be light blue, green-blue, white, bright blue or a combination of that. On the Mohs scale, he scores hardness number 5. Spiritually, he stands for inner freedom, clarity and balance.

Fun fact; Larimar is named after Larissa, the daughter of the discoverer of this stone.

Larimar belongs to the constellation Leo. Read more about which gemstones belong to which zodiac signs here!

Be aware! The stone can discolour in bright sunlight.

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It stole our hearts within seconds, and it’s there for keeps. We’re talking about tough Viking stone Larvikite! With a density of 6-6,5 on the Mohs scale, this rough Norman belongs to the feldspars and contains pieces of quartz. Larvikite is named after Larvik in Norway and is sometimes referred to as blue pearl granite or labrador granite. Did you know that this beauty is excellent for using as a decorative stone for your interior?! (Uhm, hello bathroom completely covered in larvikite!😍) Thanks to its international popularity, larvikite has obtained a status as a Global Heritage Stone Resource. This beauty can be recognized by its radiant blue, silver and black scaled appearance. Mind you! Due to its similar appearance and misleading nickname, larvikite is easily confused with fellow feldspar labradorite.

Larvikite has been assigned both very pragmatic and very spiritual properties. The stone can help to view the world neutrally. Dealing with wet feet? Larvikite is connected to water and the weather and is supposedly used for influencing both! Also, the stone is supposed to have a cooling effect AND helps with connecting to nature ghosts.

Larvikite is found in Norway.

lapis lazuli

Op zoek naar een knappe, donkere vreemdeling die al je dromen waar zal maken? Look no further, bestemming is bereikt! Lapis Lazuli wordt al werkelijk millennia lang gemijnd en gewaardeerd als edelsteen. De oudst bekende mijnen stammen uit een indrukwekkende 7000 BC in wat nu Afghanistan is. Niet heel gek dat dus dat het de nationale steen van dit land is! Lapis is afgeleid van het Latijnse woord voor steen, Lazuli komt van het Perzische Lãžward, een millennia oude vindplaats van de steen. Fun fact: veel hedendaagse benamingen van de kleur blauw, zowel in het Nederlands als andere talen, zijn afgeleid van Lapis Lazuli. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan azuurblauw, het Franse azur, het Engelse azure, het Spaanse azul en het Italiaanse azzurro. Lapis bestaat uit een combi van verschillende gesteentes: voornamelijk lazuriet, sodaliet, calciet, pyriet en marmer. Hierdoor behoort het tot de veldspaatvervangers ofwel veldspatoïdes. Met een hardheid van 5-5.5 op de schaal van Mohs is het een vrij zachte steen, dus pas op met krassen! Lapis lazuli is te herkennen aan zijn opake en intense blauwe verschijning. Deze heeft het te danken aan het mineraal lazuriet. Het kan goudkleurige spikkels bevatten (pyriet) en heeft vaak ook witte of lichtblauwe delen (sodaliet, calciet en marmer). Volledig blauwe lapis lazuli staat bekend als Royal Blue, lapis met veel calciet wordt chili lapis genoemd. Verder staat de steen ook bekend als lazuursteen of enkel lapis.      

Lapis staat symbool voor de nachtelijke sterrenhemel en de rivier de Nijl en is onlosmakelijk verbonden met de Egyptische hemelgodin Noet en haar collega-godin Ma’at (godin van de waarheid, orde en rechtspraak). Volgens de oermoeder van de Europese edelsteenkunde, St. Hildegard von Bingen, heeft lapis lazuli een positieve werking op de ogen. Daarnaast zou het helpen bij ongewenste romantische aandacht. De steen staat voor oprechte en liefdevolle relaties. Lapis zou ondersteunen in integriteit, het denkproces, intelligentie, concentratie, zelfvertrouwen, optimisme en meditatie. Een fantastische handlanger is in moeilijke en stressvolle tijden. 

Lapis Lazuli wordt onder andere in Afghanistan, Chili, China en Centraal-Azië gevonden.

Lapis Lazuli hoort bij de sterrenbeelden Maagd en Boogschutter. Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen! 

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Limonite is not actually one mineral; it is a collective term for iron and oxygen hydroxides. The name Limonite is derived from the Greek word for meadow or swamp as the mineral is often found in these places. This mineral is orange to brown and sometimes even has an earthy red colour similar to clay. The depth of the colour is determined by the amount of iron that is present in each specimen. 
Limonite has been used for over 4,000 years. Neolithic cave paintings have shown us that Limonite was used as yellow, brown, and red pigment. 
Limonite is thought to hold us close to Mother Earth and provide the necessary strength to stick up for ourselves and move forward during situations of stress and overwhelming anxiety. This mineral’s empowering energy may offer a swift adjustment resulting in increased confidence levels in addition to better decision-making capabilities.

Limonite is very common and can be found all throughout the world, with major deposits located in Austria, France, Australia, the United States, Brazil, and the island of Cyprus.

Limonite is best not exposed to water. 


Few stones are as popular as the Moonstone! This beauty generally consists of tiny layers of two types of feldspar: orthoclase and albite and belongs to the feldspar subfamily orthoclase. The different layers create the moonshine-like shine (officially called adularescence) from which the stone gets its name, some stones can also have a cat's eye shine! Moonstone comes into its own when the cabochon is cut and is also called adulaar (after the Adula Alps in Switzerland), hecatolite (after the Greek moon goddess Hecate) and Chandrakanta (Hindi for "woman of the moon"). This orthoclase has a hardness of 6-6.5 on the mohs scale and comes in peach, white, brown, gray, black, green and blue. In some cases, the blue moonstones can hardly be distinguished from the also very popular rainbow moonstone, but this is a white variant of labradorite!

Besides that this gemstone is incredibly beautiful, it is also a very versatile stone. Stories of moonstone date back to ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, India, Sri Lanka, China, and the Middle East. They wore it to befriend the Moon gods, tied it around trees and plants to promote the harvest and above all saw it as a real woman's stone.

What does the gemstone stand for? Moonstone is said to symbolize feminine energy, the moon, empathy, intuition, marital bliss and human knowledge. Finally, moonstone could help you find your true love, so move over Tinder, moonstone is in da house!

Moonstone is found in the Alps, Australia, Austria, China, Finland, India, Japan, Mexico, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, Sri Lanka and the United States.

Moonstone belongs to the zodiac signs Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces. read here more about which gems belong to zodiac signs!


Malachiet was our first love and it’ll be our last… Deze kopercarbonaat heeft een hardheid van 3.5-4.5 op de schaal van Mohs en wordt al heeeeeeeel lang als siersteen gewaardeerd. Maar echt, de oudst gevonden (tot nu toe dan hé) tot sieraad verwerkte malachiet is een +\-10.600(!) jaar oude kraal. De naam malachiet is waarschijnlijk met wat omwegen terug te leiden naar het Griekse malakós, wat zacht betekent. Deze beauty wordt gevonden in de buurt van koperafzettingen, waar het ook zijn prachtige groen gestreepte uiterlijk aan te danken heeft. Malachiet wordt vaak samen met turkoois, azuriet en chrysocolla gevonden, wat vergroeiingen als malacolla en eilatsteen kan vormen.

Malachiet wordt geassocieerd met vrouwelijkheid en is in de loop der tijd gelinkt aan een hele rits godinnen. In het oude Egypte met de godin Hathor, in de Griekse mythologie met de godinnen Aphrodite en Artemis, in het oude Rome met Venus. In de Russische Oeral regio bestaat een rijke folklore over de Mistress of the copper mountain aka the Malachite maid. Naast dat het dus goed is voor een eventuele divine intervention zou malachiet ook een positief effect hebben op je vermogen tot nadenken. Ook zou het communicatie met dieren verbeteren. Malachiet zou een goede invloed op de menstruatie, vruchtbaarheid en zwangerschap hebben. So embrace your inner goddess and go green or go home, malachiet is awesome en een blijvertje in onze collectie!

Malachiet wordt eigenlijk op alle continenten gevonden, de belangrijkste mijnplaatsen bevinden zich in de kopergordel in centraal Afrika.

Malachiet hoort bij de sterrenbeelden Waterman, Weegschaal, Stier en Schorpioen. Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen! 

De lage hardheid en poreuze samenstelling van malachiet maken dat het een kwetsbare steen is die slecht tegen stoten/krassen en vloeistoffen kan.

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Malacolla  is a combination of chrysocolla and malachite. To find out more, see the description of these gemstones. It is best not to expose malacolla to water.


obsidian is a shiny glassy volcanic stone with a hardness of 5 to 5.5. This stone owes its name to the prominent Roman Obsius and has been used for making spearheads and other tools since the Paleolithic Age.

The majority of obsidian has a black to dark brown color, but this stone can also be found in green or gray. Due to slight color and structure differences, one is a wide range of different types of obsidian. The best known types are: black, snowflake, mahogany, rainbow and gold obsidian.

Obsidian represents grounding and cleansing of negativity. Black obsidian is sometimes referred to as a psychic vacuum cleaner. Obsidian can help you recognize where you are holding negative energy and thoughts and help release anger, greed, fear and resentment. This gemstone has a protective energy that could help you stay close to yourself when exposed to negativity.


It’s tall, dark and handsome en het matcht. Werkelijk. Overal. Bij! We hebben het natuurlijk over de donkere schoonheid onyx (niet te verwarren met de Pokémon, gotta catch ‘m all!). Onyx behoort tot de zeer uitgebreide kwarts familie (specifieker een chalcedoon variëteit) en heeft een hardheid van 7 op de schaal van Mohs. Interessant weetje: zand bestaat grotendeels uit kwarts en is bijna overal aanwezig, ook in stof. Pas dus op met stenen/materialen met een hardheid lager dan 7, deze kunnen bekrast raken tijdens het afstoffen. De naam onyx is afgeleid van de Griekse term onyx, wat vingernagel betekent. De steen is te herkennen aan zijn opake zwarte voorkomen, vaak zijn er witte en/of grijze lagen in de steen te zien, deze lijken op de witte halve maantjes van je vingernagels. Echte onyx is vrij zeldzaam, de meeste zwarte stenen die in sieraden worden verwerkt zijn zwarte/black onyx. Dit is een door de mens bewerkte chalcedoon die voor het gemak dezelfde naam draagt. Je kan hier meer over lezen onder het kopje Chalcedoon!

Onyx wordt concentratie bevorderende eigenschappen toegekend. Daarnaast zou onyx ook een positief effect hebben op alle “het-glas-is-half-leeg-people” onder ons: Onyx zou ondersteunen in het omzetten van negativiteit in positiviteit!

Onyx wordt onder andere gevonden in Argentinië, Brazilië, Madagaskar, Mexico, Uruguay, de VS en Pakistan.


An opal is a very precious gemstone containing silica and water. The amount of water varies by every type of opal. Because of that, this gemstone has no crystal structure. On the Mohs scale, this gemstone has hardness between 5 and 6.5. The Romans gave it its name. They predicted opals as "opalus," which translates to ''precious gemstone''. A name that this gemstone certainly deserves!

The largest and most expensive opal ever found is called the Olympic Australis. This opal is 28 cm long, 12 cm thick and 11.5 cm wide! You may have heard of it: the black opal. The main source of opal is Ethiopia, but the most coveted opal comes from Australia. A high quality black opal is more unique than most diamonds. So you can imagine that you have to save some money before you can be empowered with a piece of jewelry with a black opal.

On our website you will also find dendrite opal. Dendrite opal is a white opal without the opal shiny colorful characteristics. Dendrites are fern-like inclusions of iron, manganese, or other metal oxides that form a beautiful pattern.

On a spiritual level opals strand for joy, optimism, zest for life, spontaneity, originality, creativity. It stimulates interest in art and an appreciation for beautiful things.

Opal belongs to the zodiac signs Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here!

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Peridot is believed to help you break free from others’ negative influences. It also said to stimulate independence and assertiveness. It helps you follow your own path, acknowledge your mistakes, and correct them.

Peridot is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo. Read more on which gemstones match which zodiac signs on this page!

Peridot may discolour when exposed to (bright) sunlight.

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Prasiolite is a green amethyst with a soft energy. It symbolises balance and grounding, and is believed to help you be guided by your heart and soul.

Prasiolite may discolour when exposed to (bright) sunlight.


Prehnite stimulates personal growth and provides insight into our own patterns and behaviours. The stone represents love, tranquillity, peace, and healing. The stone supposedly improves the senses and boosts analytic thinking.

Prehnite may discolour when exposed to (bright) sunlight.


Pyrite is the most abundant sulfide mineral in the Earth's crust. Another name for pyrite is also called "fool's gold" because this golden beauty can confuse people with its golden yellow color. Pyrite gets its name from the Greek word "pyr" which means "fire", because it's sparks fire when it collides with another minerals or metals. In addition to cubes and octagons, pyrite can also form dodecagonal crystals. Pyrite is now used to manufacture sulfuric acid, and in the past it was also used to ignite gunpowder in wheellock guns. It can score a hardness between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

Spiritually, pyrite is referred to as an insightful stone. It promotes self-knowledge and is said to bring repressed memories to the surface of your mind. Pyrite belongs to the constellation Leo. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here!

NB! Pyrite contains iron and can rust if it's in contact with water.

quattro quantum

Quattro Quantum is a combination of Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Malachite, and Shattuckite in (Smokey) Quartz. Quattro Quantum is found in Namibia and has a beautiful green-blue colour. Quattro Quantum is said to be both a gentle and powerful gemstone that is associated with balance, healing, protection, and love. This gemstone is said to provide space and peace of mind, helping you stay true to yourself and ward off outside influences. Quattro Quantum is said to be great when it comes to healthy relationships. It could help you redefine love relationships in which you have lost yourself or attract new loving relationships. Quattro Quantum is said to be a good ally in balancing existing relationships as well as helping you get over heartbreak.

Quattro Quantum is best kept from water and bright sunlight. 

regenboog maansteen

Let’s talk Regenboog Maansteen! Er zijn maar weinig edelstenen zo populair als de regenboog maansteen! Vele theorieën, mythes en discussies heersen over deze edelsteen, wat hem eigenlijk des te interessanter maakt! Of deze beauty nu eigenlijk een witte labradoriet of een ‘echte’ maansteen variant is, zullen we je zo simpel mogelijk proberen uit te leggen!

Als we het over de regenboog maanstenen hebben, kunnen het eigenlijk twee verschillende mineralen zijn. Erg verwarrend dus! De regenboog maansteen kan een labradoriet variant óf een maansteen variant zijn. De maansteen variant is mineralogisch een combinatie van orthoklaas met albiet en behoort tot de groep van de alkali-veldspaten. Labradoriet is een combinatie van anorthiet met albiet en behoort tot de groep van de plagioklaas-veldspaten. Ze zijn dus qua samenstelling bijna (maar niet helemaal) hetzelfde! Met het blote oog is het verschil in ieder geval niet te ontdekken. Beide groepen worden verkocht onder de naam regenboog maansteen. Wil je weten welke jij in je bezit hebt? Dan zal je een microscopisch onderzoekje moeten doen!

De regenboog maansteen bestaat dus uit minuscule lagen van twee soorten veldspaat. Deze verschillende laagjes creëren de typische maneschijn-glans (officieel adularescence of Schiller-effect genoemd), waar de steen zijn naam aan te danken heeft. Deze glans komt vooral goed tot zijn recht als de steen cabochon geslepen is.

Regenboog maanstenen hebben ook nog eens verschillende bijnamen, zoals bijvoorbeeld Adulaar, welke verwijst naar de vindplaast in de Adula-Alpen in Zwitserland of Hecatoliet, welke verwijst naar de Griekse maangodin Hecate of Chandrakanta, welke in Hindi staat voor “vrouw van de maan”.

Er gaan mythes dat men regenboog maansteen droeg om de Maangoden te vriend te houden. En in sommige landen was het gebruikelijk om maansteen om bomen en planten te binden om de oogst te bevorderen. Het wordt op de meeste plekken bovenal als een echte vrouwensteen gezien.

Op spiritueel gebied staat de regenboog maansteen voor vrouwelijke energie, de maan, empathie, intuïtie, huwelijksgeluk en mensenkennis. De regenboog maansteen hoort bij de sterrenbeelden Kreeft, Steenbok en Vissen. Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen!

Beide varianten van de regenboog maansteen worden onder andere in de Franse -en Oosterijkse Alpen, Australië, China, Finland, India, Japan, Mexico, Myanmar, Noorwegen, Polen, Sri Lanka en de Verenigde Staten gevonden. Hij heeft een hardheid van 6 tot 6.5 op schaal van Mohs.

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The name Rhodochrosite refers to the Greek words for its rose-red colour. However, Rhodochrosite can be found in a wide array of colours, ranging from pink to red and yellowish, orange or brown. As pink is the colour expression of love, virtually all pink stones relate to this theme, and therefore, so does Rhodochrosite.
This stone stands for self-love and compassion and is said to help with emotional healing and the recovery of lost memories and forgotten gifts. Rhodochrosite carries a tender and loving energy that soothes the heart and comforts the soul. This gemstone might be a great friend when you need some help with self-forgiveness and feel like rediscovering some of that childlike playfulness!

Though the most important deposit of Rhodochrosite is in Argentina, this gemstone is also found in Africa, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Romania, and the United States.


This pink gemstone decorates lots of Russian palaces. Rhodonite’s name is derived from the Greek ‘rhodon’ (pink), and it belongs to the inosilicates. This babushka can be recognised by its opaque, salmon pink colour (thanks to manganese) with black dendrite details that stand out. There are also transparent rhodonites, but those are very rare. With its density of 6 on the Mohs scale, it is a relatively soft gemstone. Rhodonite has the reputation of being one of the most challenging stones to facet, which is why most stones are polished cabochon.

Not only is this beauty used in jewellery quite a lot, but it is also very suitable as decoration. They were huge fans of rhodonite in Tsarist Russia. Huge rhodonite vases, lamps, ornaments and even sarcophaguses stem from that time period. Some of which can be admired in the Hermitage in Sint Petersburg.

Traditionally, rhodonite is seen as the stone of luck and happiness. It has a soft energy that slowly but certainly softens the raw edges of intense experiences. Rhodonite is like a warm blanket to psychological wounds. This stone is said to strengthen compassion, patience, intuition, and emotional balance. Are you in need of some sincere, tender energy? Rhodonite is the cuddly grandma that everybody secretly needs in their life.

Amongst others, rhodonite can be found in Russia, China, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Tanzania, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, South-Africa and the United Kingdom.


Een robijn is één van de varianten van het mineraal korund. De twee bekendste korund soorten zijn robijnen (rood) en saffieren (blauw). Korund is van zichzelf een kleurloze, harde edelsteen. Máár! Door de toevoeging van verschillende metaalsoorten kan het verschillende kleuren krijgen. Zo krijgt de korund robijn zijn rode kleur door chroomdeeltjes. En wanneer ze
een bruine tint hebben, komt dat door het ijzergehalte. Robijnen scoren 9 op de hardheidsschaal van Mohs. Aardig hard dus!

De naam is afgeleid van het Latijnse woord ruber, wat "rood" betekend. Vroeger mocht de steen alleen de naam Robijn krijgen als hij helder en bloedrood van kleur was. Tegenwoordig hebben alle rood getinte korund stenen de naam robijn. Korund robijn heeft geen specifieke afkomst, hij wordt namelijk gevonden over de hele wereld!

Robijnen staan spiritueel gezien voor kracht en energie. Deze edelsteen staat symbool voor geluk! Woorden die veel geassocieerd worden met robijn zijn: hartstocht, spanning, levendigheid, spontaniteit, dynamisch.

Robijn hoort bij de sterrenbeelden Ram en Schorpioen. Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen!

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Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a protective, grounding and detoxifying stone. The stone stands for relaxation and acceptance. It supports resistance to stressful influences and provides mental strength. Smokey quartz would therefore have a favorable effect on performance anxiety. The stone stimulates a sober, pragmatic and positive attitude and promotes concentration.

Smokey quartz belongs to the zodiac signs Capricorn and Taurus. Read here more about which gems belong to zodiac signs! 

Smokey quartz can discolour under the influence of (bright) sunlight.

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rose quartz

Voor rozenkwarts heeft natuurlijk iedereen een beetje een zwakke plek in zijn hart. Deze kwartsvariant heeft de lichtroze tot rozerode kleur te danken aan titanium, chroom en mangaan. Het is semi-transparant, erg troebel en is te herkennen aan een gebarsten structuur. Rozenkwarts heeft een hardheid van 7 op de schaal van Mohs en is fotosensitief. Dit betekend dat de prachtige roze kleur kan verbleken als het te veel met UV licht in aanraking komt, pas dus op met zonlicht! Het is mogelijk dat hogere kwaliteit rozenkwartsen minuscule rutiel haartjes bevatten, dit creëert een kattenoog effect dat ook wel bekend staat als een zesstralige ster of asterisme. Rozenkwarts heeft zijn naam te danken aan de kleur roze en zou dus, arguably, ook als rozekwarts gespeld kunnen worden! Deze edelsteen is het zusje van de bergkristal en de amethist, twee andere kwarts varianten. De meest kwalitatieve rozenkwartsen worden gewonnen op Madagascar, maar er zijn vindplaatsen over de hele wereld!

Rozenkwarts is de edelsteen die al eeuwen symbool staat voor de liefde! In de Griekse en Romeinse tijd dacht men dat rozenkwarts door de godin Venus - de godin van de liefde - op aarde was gebracht. spiritueel gezien staat rozenkwarts voor schoonheid, kwetsbaarheid en onvoorwaardelijke zelfliefde.

Rozenkwarts hoort bij de sterrenbeelden Stier, Kreeft en Weegschaal. Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen! hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen!  

Rozenkwarts kan onder invloed van (fel) zonlicht verkleuren.

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rutile quartz

Rutile Quartz is a combination of clear- or smokey quartz with inclusions of rutile. These rutile inclusions often resemble gold, silver, or copper coloured fine metallic hairs. Rutilated quartz is the stone of amplification, acceleration, and attunement. It is said to hold a synergistic effect with the energising and grounding energies of clear- and smokey quartz. Like most quartz, rutilated quartz is said to be programmable and could be used to amplify the energy of an intention or affirmation.

This special gemstone could help expand one's awareness and help know if a person or situation carries good or bad vibes. Rutilated quartz can bring a joyful vibration that can help you feel less overwhelmed by life's responsibilities and lighten the road ahead.

Most rutilated quartz comes from Brazil or Madagascar.


Sapphire is said to have a very positive effect on the psyche. The stone represents calmness, mental health, wisdom, and insight. Sapphire is believed to provide a clear mind and stimulate level-headed, critical, targeted, and concentrated thinking.



De naam Seleniet stamt af van de oud-Griekse maangodin Selene, wat ‘Maan’ betekent. Soms vertoont het namelijk bleke, blauwachtige reflecties. Seleniet kan in kleur variëren van kleurloos tot grijs, wit, groen of goud-bruin. Wanneer de steen helemaal helder en doorzichtig is, wordt het ook wel Mariaglas genoemd. Het wordt op veel plaatsen gevonden, waaronder Australie, Griekenland, Mexico en de VS, veelal in de buurt van warmwaterbronnen.

Seleniet scoort hardheid 2 op de schaal van Mohs en lost op wanneer het in aanraking komt met water. Soms zijn seleniet kristallen zo zacht dat ze buigbaar zijn met de hand. Voorzichtig dus!

Door zijn waterige eigenschappen staat deze edelsteen, spiritueel gezien, voor reiniging, zuivering en evolutie.

Seleniet hoort bij de sterrenbeelden Stier en Vissen. Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen!

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Serpentine derives its name from its green colour and smooth surfaces resembling snakeskin. This gemstone’s colour can vary from a pale yellow-green to deep forest-green, to almost black. Serpentine is often mistaken for Jade due to its similar colour & texture and is sometimes referred to as ‘green marble’.
Serpentine stands for flexibility and balance and is said to help release the fear of change and hardship. It could help give perspective, be less self-centred and increase one’s willingness to compromise and spend time and effort contributing to the greater good. This gemstone is believed to bring emotional and spiritual balance. Serpentine might help look ahead to the future with expectation and excitement and could, therefore, help reclaim authority over one’s life.

Serpentine is found in Afghanistan, Africa, China, New Zealand, Turkey, and the USA.

It is best not to expose Serpentine to water. 


Ever heard of Shattuckite? We have been able to get our hands on this rare inosilicate with a density of 3,5 on the Mohs scale, and we’re never letting go! Shattuckite is named after the copper mine Shattuck in the American state of Arizona. The stone can be recognised by its semi-transparent, speckled blue, and sometimes green, appearance. The stone tends to look quite like chrysocolla and malacolla, so be careful that you don’t confuse them! Shattuckite is copper-bearing and often found near malachite.

This beauty is believed to stimulate paranormal communication with higher powers and alien creatures; yep, you’ve read it correctly, E.T. phones home! 🖖👽The stone is connected to the elements water and air and is said to raise vibrations. This stone represents truth and wisdom. Hotheads amongst us that often see the world through a red haze may greatly benefit from its calming effect!

Amongst others, shattuckite can be found in the United States, Namibia, South-Africa, Argentina, Germany and Austria.


Smaragd is de koningin van de edelstenen. Niet voor niets behoort deze queen tot de big four. Net als klein broertje aquamarijn is het een vorm van beryl en heeft het een hardheid van 7,7 to 8 op de schaal van Mohs. Wist je dat een smaragd pas een smaragd is op het moment dat het precies de juiste kleur smaragdgroen heeft? Als het net een andere kleur groen is, wordt het groene beryl genoemd. Smaragden zijn dan ook te herkennen aan de typerende smaragdgroene kleur! De stenen komen zowel transparant als opaak voor. Hoe helderder de steen, hoe meer hij waard is! De naam smaragd komt waarschijnlijk van het Griekse Smaragdos wat groene steen betekent. 

Dat smaragd synoniem staat voor royalty had ook Cleopatra al door. Het schijnt dat de Egyptische koningin verzot was op smaragden die gevonden werden in Egypte, de mijnen werden zelfs de Cleopatra mijnen genoemd! De beauties symboliseren recht, waarheid en intelligentie. Met de prachtige groene kleur draag je met een smaragd de eeuwig terugkerende lente bij je. Nog niet verkocht? Smaragd zou ook nog is beschermen tegen kwade bedoelingen! 

Smaragd wordt onder andere in Egypte, Colombia, Brazilië, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagaskar, Pakistan, Rusland en Afghanistan gevonden.  

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De naam verklapt het al een beetje; sodaliet is een edelsteen met een hoog Natrium (Sodium in het Engels) gehalte. De witte aders door zijn donkerblauwe kleur komt doordat hij vaak wordt gevonden in combinatie met kalksteen. Sodaliet is vindbaar in verschillende kleuren, maar voor sieraden wordt de blauw-witte variant het meest gebruikt. Deze edelsteen wordt vooral gewonnen in het meest zuidelijke puntje van Groenland.

Spiritueel gezien staat deze edelsteen voor zelfacceptatie, inzicht en zelfvertrouwen.

Sodaliet hoort bij de sterrenbeelden Maagd en Boogschutter. Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen!

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“… I seem to be what I’m not, you see…” When The Platters released their single ‘The Great Pretender’ in 1955, this sentence could just as well have been about our con artist. Why? Because there are few gemstones with such an illustrious career as Spinel! Firstly, spinel is not just one gemstone, but, like garnet, actually involves a group of minerals. This group contains, amongst others: gahnite, hercynite, ceylonite and galaxite. Secondly, this beauty has worked itself up from the deeper nooks of the earth into the comfortable setting of many crown jewels under the pretence of being a ruby or sapphire. Below, you can find a list of the most famous spinels:

The Black Princess Ruby: a red spinel of 170 carats on the British Imperial State crown

The Timur Ruby: a red spinel of 361 carats on a necklace that belongs to the British Queen Victoria

The Imperial Crown of Russia contains a red spinel of 398.72 carats

The St.-Wenzel crown of the Bohemian crown jewels contains 44 spinels

Even though spinel belongs to the oxides, just like the two Korunds, it is slightly softer despite its impressive density of 8 on the Mohs scale. The century-old misconception is understandable, though: spinel is mostly found in the same mines as korund, is also found in both transparent and opaque form and, finally, also exists in almost every colour shade. From blue to purple to red, they all speak to our imaginations strongly. When a virtually shadowless pink-red type of spinel surfaced in Myanmar during the second Star Wars craze, it was lovingly named the Jedi-spinel (‘cause it ain’t got no dark side).

Spinel is Augusts’ birthstone and associated with the 22nd marriage anniversary. This powerhouse has been assigned a strong manly energy. It gives power, activates, and is believed to be a great shield against negative feelings. In the same way that the stone has fought its way up courageously, wearing a spinel represents courage, wealth, and success! It is clear that the spinel belongs to gemstones’  absolute royalty, so let’s wave and may the force be with you!

Spinel can be found worldwide. The most important mines, however, are located in Asia.


Tijgeroog helpt om afstand te nemen, overzicht te bewaren, informatie te integreren en je doelen te bereiken. In moeilijke periodes kan tijgeroog kracht, moed en vertrouwen geven en helpen met interne conflicten, dilemma’s, twijfel en besluiteloosheid. Tijgeroog zou rust bevorderen, en kan gedragen worden bij overprikkeling.

Tijgeroog hoort bij de sterrenbeelden Tweelingen en Leeuw. Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen!

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titanium quartz

Titanium Quartz provides a strong foundation for a happy, relaxed attitude. This stone represents strength and energy. Titanium quartz is said to boost concentration levels and make you more purposeful. With titanium quartz, the trust in your capacities can grow! Bye-bye imposter syndrome! This gem may help to deal with things in a more calm and flexible manner.

It is best not to expose titanium quartz to sunlight and running water.

titanium aura

Titanium Aura provides a strong foundation for a happy, relaxed attitude. It represents both mental and physical power and energy. This stone can support concentration, make you more purposeful, and boost self-confidence. Titanium aura is known for its cheerful effect and may provide you with the tranquillity and resilience to better handle upsetting situations.

It is best not to expose titanium aura to water and (bright) sunlight.


Toermalijn kent vele verschillende varianten en is vindbaar in bijna alle kleuren. In de 17e eeuw werd de toermalijn vanuit Sri Lanka door Hollanders ingevoerd. Zij noemden deze (voor hen nieuwe) edelsteen ‘Turmali’, wat ‘steen met gemengde kleuren’ betekend. Wist je dat de toermalijn door kunstenaars als talisman werd gebruikt? Ze zouden namelijk het scheppingsvermogen van kunstenaars vergroten.

Toermalijn heeft een hardheid van 7 op de schaal van Mohs en wordt (onder andere) op vele plekken in Europa gevonden.

Toermalijn hoort bij de sterrenbeelden Weegschaal, Schorpioen en Steenbok. Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen! 

Toermalijn kan onder invloed van (fel) zonlicht verkleuren.

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tourmalined quartz

Tourmalined Quartz is a Clear Quartz with crystals of Black Tourmaline (Schorl) running through it and is mostly found in Brazil. Toumalined Quartz is associated with purification and recovery from negative influences. This unusual combination of gemstones is said to create a unique energy that could be described as a psychic vacuum cleaner, clearing out bad vibes, restoring dynamic balance, and promoting general well-being. Wearing Tourmalined Quartz is said to feel like a bubble of light, keeping negativity at bay while enhancing overall awareness. This gemstone could promote clear thinking and help you feel both enlightened and grounded.

Tourmalined Quartz is associated with the zodiac sign Libra. Read more on which gemstones match which zodiac signs on this page!


Topaas is een zonnige steen die op een zachte manier ontwikkeling en zelfverwezenlijking stimuleert. De steen helpt om je eigen weg te vinden en te volgen door te vertrouwen op je eigen kennis en wijsheid. Het helpt je doelen stellen en om die doelen te bereiken. De steen bevordert empathie, openheid, eerlijkheid, waarheid, vreugde en voorspoed.

Topaas hoort bij de sterrenbeelden Boogschutter en Tweelingen. Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen! 

Topaas kan onder invloed van (fel) zonlicht verkleuren.  

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Trolleiet is een zeldzame blauw-groene edelsteen met een olie-achtige glans welke voor het eerst ontdekt werd in Zweden. Nu liggen de belangrijkste vindplaatsen in de Minas Gerais regio in Brazilië. De steen groeit oorspronkelijk in kleine prismavormige kristallen, helemaal ingekapseld door kwarts. Het mineraal heeft een hardheid van 5,5 tot 6 op de schaal van Mohs.

Spiritueel gezien staat Trolleiet voor verbinding, kalmte en verheldering en kan hij ondersteunend werken tijdens meditaties. Trolleiet wordt niet gerelateerd aan een sterrenbeeld of een bepaalde maand en is dus passend voor iedereen!

Trolleite wordt niet gerelateerd aan één bepaald sterrenbeeld of één bepaalde maand en is dus passend voor iedereen! Lees hier meer over welke edelstenen bij sterrenbeelden horen!


Team Turquoise, read on quickly! This beautiful phosphate has a hardness of 5/6 on the Mohs scale. Although Turquoise is never found in Turkey, the gemstone has been attributed to the country. This is because the journey this gem made. It traveled from the Middle East, made a stop in Turkey and traveled on to Europe! The Europeans were so enamored with the distinctive blue-green appearance of this beauty that this color was soon also called turquoise! Turquoise is among other countries found in Mexico, the US, China and Iran. The stone has an opaque, sometimes almost waxy glow. There are variants that tend more towards blue or green and sometimes they contain dark veins. Copper turquoise is a turquoise variant with pieces of copper and, yup, we also have this absolute beauty in stock in different types of jewelry! There is also Turquoise with Pyrite. This is easily confused with copper turquoise based on the fact that they look quite similar!

This gemstone symbolizes self-actualization, self-acceptance and mental balance. Turkoois is said to help with relational and friendship problems and is your best friend in the time of heartbreak. Turquoise would support a healthy night's sleep and is seen as a good stone for children!

Turquoise belongs to the constellations of Aquarius and Pisces. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here!

NB! Turquoise is a porous stone that allows it to color when it comes into contact with movement. Bright sunlight can also cause Turquoise colors.

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A sunstone is an oligoclase feldspar and is related to the moonstone and the labradorite. A sunny and simmering beauty! This peach to orange shimmering sunstone is named after the glistening of the sun. Myths tell us that the Vikings (800-1100) used a sunstone as a compass to determine their course at sea.

The color can vary from beige-yellow, light brown-orange, peach-pink to orange-red. Sunstone owes its sparkle (aventurization) to small inclusions of hematite or goethite, both iron compounds. The stone has a hardness between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale. The stone is mainly found in Oregon USA and Australia.

On a spiritual level, the sunstone strengthens life force, self-esteem and self-confidence.

The sun stone belongs to the zodiac sign of Taurus. Read more about which gemstones belong to zodiac signs here!


Halite. Salt stone. What's in the name!? That this stone is entirely consisting of salt! Another name for salt stone is Halite, derived from the Greek word 'álas' which means 'salt'. Halite is found in saltwater lakes or salt mines. A salt mine is a huge mushroom-shaped underground structure, almost entirely made out of salt.

Various beneficial effects are attributed to the Halite. For example, they've got the power to convert positive ions into negative ions. It may seem a little crazy, but those negative ions are the ones you want to surround yourself with! In this way, salt stone contributes to a healthier air quality. This gemstone has a hardness of 2.5 on the Mohs scale and is therefore very fragile.

On a spiritual level, it is said that salt stone provides rest, purity and tranquility. He belongs to all zodiac signs. Read more about which gemstones belong to which zodiac signs here!

Caution! This stone is toxic to pets. And besides that, salt stone attracts water and dehumidifies the room.

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