How do I measure my ring size?

We have a very convenient tool for that!   See our ring size tool here.

Read how to measure your ring size below to ensure that the ring you have selected fits you perfectly! Our ring sizes (16,5, 16,75, 17, etc.) correspond with the ring’s diameter in mm; size 16,5 has a diameter of 16,5 mm and so on. Therefore, the difference between two ring sizes is only a quarter of a millimetre. However, as minimal as that difference may look, don’t be mistaken! This quarter of a millimetre can make a world of difference and determine whether your ring fits comfortably, too snug, or loose enough to fly off. Because of the different types of rings (wider, narrower, larger, smaller, etc.) fit differently, you will generally fit various sizes. A very narrow ring without a stone will tend to be a bit bigger, while a large ring with a wide band needs more space on your finger and, therefore, will tend to have a smaller fit. Do not immediately go for a full size bigger or smaller, opt for a difference of a quarter or half a size. It is important to keep in mind that each finger has a different size and the fingers on your dominant hand are a little bigger as you use these more often. 

Take note:  If you’re left-handed, the difference is often smaller, but there are not that many entirely left-handed people. 

Don’t want to purchase the ring size tool? There are other ways to measure your ring size!

Ringen meten

Measure your ring

  • You’ve got a ring that already fits you perfectly:  Take a ring you already have and make sure it fits you well before you start measuring. Next up, take a ruler and measure the diameter of the ring. Make sure that you measure the inside of the ring! If you’ve been wearing the ring for a while, the ring may have deformed. Therefore, it’s best to measure the ring at 2 or 3 different spots and calculate the average. (We measure our rings with a ring sizer, which is a lot more accurate than a ruler!)
  • You don’t have a ring that fits yet:  You can always visit our store in The Hague to have your ring size measured (you can have your size measured at practically any jeweller).

Use the size chart

Use the size chart to determine which size you need to order. If you happen to know your American ring size, you can easily convert it to the European size using the chart. At Wiezewasjes, we measure all our rings with a ring sizer.

Size Chart Wiezewasjes

What size earring do I need?

This differs hugely per ear and how high or low your piercing hole is placed. An 8 mm is really small and is usually worn tightly around the ear in a 2nd or 3rd piercing hole. The 10mm earring is still very small and usually worn tightly around the ear in the 1st or 2nd piercing hole. A 12mm earring is a little bigger and fits a little more loosely, 14mm fits even looser and so on. 

TIP! Put the earring through your ear via the back of the piercing hole. In this way, you can easily close the earring with the help of a mirror. Or let your sister, brother, mother, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, girlfriend, boyfriend, neighbour or random stranger, etc. help you!


What is the approximate length of a necklace?

Look at the image below to get an impression of the length of our necklaces. This image is simply an indication and can differ per person depending on their individual proportions.