Hey you! We are Wiezewasjes. We sell jewellery and beautiful gemstones that will last a lifetime! We do so through our webshop and our store in The Hague. Additionally, Wiezewasjes products are sold by other retailers in The Netherlands as well as internationally!


Read Wieske's personal letter as well!
Curious how Wiezewasjes was founded, where the name stems from, and how Wieske experienced the first five years of Wiezewasjes? Read Wieske's letter here.


What we, Wiezewasjes, find most important!

Team Wiezewasjes consists of the most sincere, respectful, creative, interesting, intelligent, and fantastic people in the world! We celebrate their individuality, and we consider it an honour to work with and beside each other. Our corporate culture is very informal. The (personal) development and (mental) health of our staff are our number one priority! We consider positive, personal, and respectful collaboration of the utmost importance and hope to radiate this to the outside world. Therefore, from the moment we sold our first piece of jewellery, we have had a very outspoken opinion about the concept of ‘customer service’. Customer service should not be good, it should be great! We do not aim to sell the biggest number of products in the shortest time possible. We want to engage in a sustainable, mutually respectful relationships with our customers; one that is built to last!
Furthermore, we value that partners with whom we collaborate share this vision. We put great care and consideration into selecting our suppliers. The suppliers we work with source their items from small producers and factories and consider not only the quality of the products but also the environment and the living conditions of the people involved. Did you know they also produce jewellery of our own design, especially for us? Additionally, our 14-carat gold collection is handmade by our own goldsmith, here in The Hague! Naturally, all our products meet the most recent, strict, inspection- and import requirements!


When packing your orders, our packing fairies try their best to reuse and recycle as much material as possible and use as little plastic as they can. Most of our packing materials are recyclable. Naturally, we separate and recycle our waste throughout the entire company, and our energy is provided by a green supplier. All orders are packed with consideration, tucked in with care, and receive a pat on the head before being sent your way.



You could consider it a success that we have managed to grow so much in such a short amount of time that we have sold so many items, and have so many amazing staff members! However, this is not how we would like to measure our success. It is important to us that besides rejoicing our customers with beautiful products, we help make the world a better place and share our successes with others. That is why we have campaigns where part of the profit is donated to charity and have a standing collaboration with the Blue House Project in India.


We still have a long way to go, but we promise to do the best we can to keep on learning, growing, and improving! <3


 "Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better."
Maya Angelou 


The numbers:
  • Employees: 30 employed & 5 stand-by
  • Stores: 2
  • Wieske’s: 1
  • Lisa’s, Hannah's, and Rosa’s: confusingly many
  • Birthday: February 1st
  • Amount of times we moved into a bigger office: a little too often
  • Average amount of piercing per employee: got a minute?
  • Countries to which we have send packages: 14
  • Products: 5000+
  • Amount of plants and pets of all employees combined: