Tips & Tricks for Black Friday

Black Friday is back! And whilst we are busy folding boxes, restocking and launching some more new products, you are also able to prepare yourself! To make it as easy as possible, we have made you a list with all the possible preparations you can do in order to buy your new favourite during our Black Friday Weekend!

Tip 1: Subscribe to our newsletter!

Our Black Friday promotion starts exactly when the clock strikes 12 on the 24th of November (or would that still be the 23rd technically?). However, if you are subscribed to our newsletter you'll gain early access at 20:00 on the 23rd of November. You'll be the first in line to order all your favourites! Unfortunately we don't currently offer our newsletter in English, but it is worth subscribing to for the early access anyway!

Tip 2: Know your sizes!

You might know by now that it is useful to know your ring sizes if you have been following us long enough, but do you know what length you like your necklaces? You can easily figure out your perfect length by using a piece of string! Make sure you know your sizes by heart to reduce the chance of ordering the wrong size. Not completely sure what size you need? You'll find all the tips & tricks to find out your sizes here!

Tip 3: Make a wishlist!

Did you already know that you can make a wishlist on our website? Start a day or two before Black Friday by slowly going through our webshop, putting all your favourite items on your wishlist. This saves a lot of stress on Friday, because you have already had the time to decide which products you want to order. Not only makes it the whole process a lot faster, it can also help you to avoid impulse buys!

Tip 4: Combining discount codes!

This year we won't have one, but two different discount codes. Unfortunately our website can only handle one discount code at the time at checkout, but don't worry: If you need both discount codes for your order, you can checkout using the largest discount code. After checkout, you can send an e-mail to with your order number and the code you haven't used. We will refund the money from that discount code!

Do you have a giftcard you would like to use? Unfortunately our website can also not handle a giftcard code and discount code at the same time. If you order using the Black Friday discount code and send us an e-mail with your order number and your giftcard code. We will refund the amount that was on your giftcard!

Tip 5: It's the giving season!

Christmas is coming up and thus comes the time of scouring the internet and shopping streets for the perfect gifts! Be smart and use our Black Friday weekend to make your friends, family and loved ones happy this Christmas! If you order during Black Friday, you'll be allowed to return the products until the 31st of December, instead of our usual 14 day return period.

Tip 6: Think about what you really want!

Black Friday promotions can easily lead to doing impulse buys - something we'd like to avoid since that's not very sustainable. Take your time and think before you buy: which items will you wear on a regular basis? Make sure you won't buy products you might regret later! We'd prefer for you to only buy that one bracelet that has been on your wishlist for a while, rather than buying a lot of items just because there is a good sale going on.

Tip 7: It will be busy!

The Wiezewasjes-team exists out of sixteen very hardworking people and we will do our utmost best to help everyone, reply to all your messages and pack your orders as soon as we can. However, due to the expected amount of orders, we might be a bit slower than you are used to. Keep this in mind so you know what to expect!

The Wiezewasjes Black Friday Weekend starts Friday the 24th of November 0:01 and lasts until Monday the 27th of November 23:59. 

May the odds be ever in your favor!