Black Friday is back!


Black Friday has been a tradition within Wiezewasjes, ever since the very start. For all our employees it might be the most hectic time of the year, but also the most fun. Last year we decided not to participate in Black Friday and boy, we missed it!

You might still remember our moving offices and our reorganization last year. After years of growth, we ran into a tough period. After all, with all the inflation and the energy crisis, buying jewellery might not be on top of the list. In order to survive as a business, our small team had to work extremely hard. .

That we are still standing today, is only because of our very dear customers who kept coming back to us in order to buy their jewellery, gemstones and presents. You might not have been aware of it, but we have been so happy with every single order you have placed. Without you there would not only be no Wiezewasjes, but it would also mean sixteen salaries wouldn't be paid. Therefore, from the bottom of our hearts: thank you for your support. You're golden!

To properly thank you, we have listened to your messages and requests. We have decided to bring back Black Friday! Not only online, but also in our store in The Hague. Although we are keeping the exact amount of sale still a secret, we can tell you that it is definitely a good one!

Curious how best to prepare for Black Friday? We have written a blog with tips and tricks for you!

Lots of love from the entire Wiezewasjes team!

The Wiezewasjes Black Friday Weekend starts Friday the 24th of November 0:01 and lasts until Monday the 27th of November 23:59.